4.1: Original Thirteen Colonies

Where was the best place for England to invest in the American colonies?

Step 1: Go to the ArcGIS Online map, Thirteen Colonies – 1700s, and explore the map.

Step 2: Click on several of the colonies’ names and analyze its location and economic activity.

Would the same latitudes of the regions in Europe were products were produced be a good indicator for where you could find them in America?

Step 3: Choose the England and New World Bookmark.

Step 4: Click the latitude lines in northern France and southern Spain.

  • What are their approximate latitudes?
  • If latitude alone controlled weather and agricultural production conditions, compare the colony sub-regions to growing conditions in Europe.

What important factor contribute to where resources were located in the thirteen colonies?

The warmer the sea temperature, the more water vapor becomes available for precipitation on land and influences the land temperatures.

Step 5: Hover over and click the Show Contents of Map button, located above Contents.

Step 6: Turn on the Ave Sea Surface Temperature 2005 layer, and click its name to expand the legend.

  • Which colonies in the New World have comparable sea surface temperatures to the agricultural growth areas of France and Spain?

What happened to the population in the American colonies in the 1700s?

Step 7: Make sure the American Colonies layer is visible. Click the Show Table icon.

Step 8: Scroll across the table and click the Pop_1700 column title. Click Statistics.

  • What was the total population in the original thirteen colonies in 1700?

Step 9: Repeat those steps to find out the total population in 1740 and 1870.

  • What happened to the population in the colonies from 1700 to 1780?

How did latitude, weather, and climate affect the population in the American colonies?

Step 10: Close the table, and click the 13 Colonies bookmark.

Step 11: Turn on The American Colonies Population Time Series layer, and click the layer name to see its legend.

Step 12: At the bottom of the map, click the Play button that shows the population by colony.

  • What was the trend in population change in the thirteen colonies from 1630 to the late 1700s?


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