6.3 Latin American Independence

What countries held land in Latin America in 1784?

Step 1: Go to the ArcGIS Online map, Latin American Independence, and explore the map.

  • Which two European countries had the most significant holdings in the Americas?

What ideas provide the foundation of decolonization in Latin America?

Step 2: Click the button, Bookmarks. Select the French Revolution.

Step 3: Read the pop-up on the map

Step 4: Repeat the two previous steps for the American Revolution.

Step 5: Click their respective symbols, and read each pop-up.

  • The goals for each revolution are similar because all human beings are born with equal rights. (T/F)

What was the driving factor that initiated Latin American decolonization?

Step 6: Click the button, Bookmarks, and select Saint Dominique.

Step 7: On the map, click the black diamond and investigate the diagram.

Step 8: Close the pop-up, click the black star, and read the text.

Step 9: In the map, click the Default Extent home button, and click the red diamond.

Step 10: Compare this diagram to the Saint-Dominique diagram.

  • How do you think other Latin American colonies viewed the Saint-Dominique slave revolt and subsequent independence? (T/F)

Step 11: With the Details button depressed, click the button, Contents.

Step 12: Deselect the checkbox left of the layer name, Latin America – 1784

How did the Latin American independence movements unfold?

Step 13: Turn on the layer, Latin American Countries – Independence.

Step 14: Click the layer name to show its legend, Latin American Countries – Independence.

  • What was the pattern of the progression of the countries gaining their independence?

Step 15: For the layer Latin American Countries – Independence, open the table.

Tables are only available for specific map layers. In the Contents pane, point to a layer and click the Show Table icon that appears under the layer name. Click the field name and choose Sort Ascending or Sort Descending.

Step 16: Sort descending on the field, Date of Independence.

Step 17: Which colony was the last to gain its independence? From whom?

  • Looking at the map, which places in Latin America are not independent today?

Act: How did the Monroe Doctrine affect the independence of Latin American countries?

Step 18: Turn on the layer, Revolutions.

Step 19: Select the bookmark, Monroe Doctrine. Click the red start symbol and read the text.

  • What patterns do you notice in the independence dates in the table?
  • If two-thirds of Latin American countries were already liberated by 1823, what was the point of the Monroe Doctrine?


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